About Us

Wildlife Analytical Laboratories™ (www.DeerAge.com) was founded in mid 2004 with a simple and focused vision. Our vision is to provide accurate and timely forensic cementum annuli aging of whitetail deer and other game mammals with a high degree of customer service. We believe there are a great many people like ourselves, who are passionate about hunting and managing habitat to realize the maximum potential of their deer herd.


We have created our own modern laboratory that does nothing but forensic cementum annuli aging, and as you would expect, we have gotten very good at doing that. We began by engaging several highly qualified histologists to help us purchase and set up the right equipment and processes. They then trained us to be very good at one thing – forensic cementum annuli aging of teeth. We now have a full time professional histologist processing and preparing all our specimen slides using the most accurate, modern, efficient equipment.

Wildlife Analytical Laboratories™ is located in the Heart of Texas, the Texas Hill Country, near Burnet. We also have a family farm near Princeton, Illinois that produces each year some truly outstanding whitetails.

My name is Henry Chidgey, a proud American and son of the State of Texas. I have spent much of my life in the pursuit of knowledge and techniques to manage habitat for wildlife, especially the whitetail deer. Our company, Wildlife Analytical Laboratories™ was created out of the belief that with accurate, precise, timely feedback of age to hunters and others interested in managing whitetails for maximum trophy potential—whether buck or doe—the fulfillment of many hunters’ dreams today and in the future will be realized. Because we have our own state of the art laboratory and highly trained laboratory technicians we guarantee (or the service will be free) that you WILL receive your results in the time promised. Customer Service and Quality of Analysis are our Priority and Passion. We Serve Ranchers, Wildlife Stewards & Hunters Worldwide. We at Wildlife Analytical Laboratories™ wish you great success in harvesting the trophy whitetail of your dreams. The older your trophy the more proud you should be. Even more importantly – as a wildlife steward, you do not want to harvest your bucks until they have fulfilled their genetic potential – at 5 ½ to 6 ½ years old.

My wife and life partner Mary and I thank you for taking the time to visit us here at www.DeerAge.Com. We both look forward to the opportunity of serving you in your pursuit of your passion about deer.








Henry Chidgey

A son of Texas and a patriot of the United States