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When you REALLY, TRULY, NO KIDDING need to know the age of your trophy whitetail! ™

Forensic aging of whitetail deer and other mammals using the cementum annuli method. The only reliable way for aging whitetail deer – when deer age is required to be accurate and verifiable.

Are you ready to take the guessing game out of aging your whitetail deer?

Common sense and experience tell you that looking at the wear on the molars of a mammal’s jaw will not tell you the actual age of a deer (or elk, moose, sheep, etc.). Sure, if they are worn more, the deer was older; worn less, younger; but only if the deer were eating the same food at the same location. And it still will not tell you how old. Turns out the scientific research confirms your common sense click here. The ONLY way there is to accurately age a mammal (other than putting a tag in its ear at birth) is by taking the root of a tooth, preparing a very thin stained slice, and counting the rings of cementum under a microscope – just like counting the rings on a tree. This method is known as cementum annuli (annuli just means rings).

All you need to have your deer aged is send us the two center, front most teeth from your trophy’s lower jaw. We will take care of the rest in our lab in Burnet, Texas. The only thing we do in our lab is forensic cementum annuli aging. Customer Service and Quality of Analysis are our Priority and Passion.

Home Page Deer 1The easiest way to be ready to have your trophy aged this season is to purchase the prepaid Deer Aging Kit from us or one of our retail partners and keep it with you while you are hunting. The kit includes instructions with lots of pictures and an envelope to use for your trophy’s teeth and another envelope addressed to send it all back to us. The kit also makes a great gift for that special friend or relative that shares your passion about being a responsible steward of wildlife.

Call or email us with your request and we will send you free our Collection of Incisor 4 color Instruction Card. It is 5” X 7”, on heavy paper stock and has 11 photos as well as the written instructions. Until you have done it you will not believe how quick and easy it is to remove these incisors.

We also provide forensic deer and other game mammal aging services for Ranchers, Wildlife Stewards, and Hunt Clubs throughout the World. Please contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to set up your commercial account.

Check out our page Services Provided for a complete listing of what we do.

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Home Page Deer 2We also provide forensic cementum annuli aging utilizing one of the molars of a whitetail’s jaw. Our research has shown the results to be as accurate as using the incisors, though more time consuming and difficult to accomplish. We investigated this technique because we had a shoebox full of jawbones from over 25 years of hunting, but none of the incisors. We wanted to know the accurate age for many of those trophies that have hung on the walls of our homes and offices for many years. Click here to find out more about Whitetail Deer Molar Cementum Annuli Aging™, offered only by Wildlife Analytical Laboratories.

Our Certificate of Aging™ certificate, framed and ready to be placed on the wall next to your trophy mount, continues to be extremely popular with our clients. Click here to see what your Certificate of Aging could look like.

A special thanks to all our customers from these last several years who have given us the gift of their trust, their business, and their encouragement that people still care about quality and customer service.
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