Now I think we've finally come upon the best food plot for our deer. Eagle Forage soybeans grow twice as tall as regular soybeans,
with much larger leaves. The beans are "Roundup Ready" so weed competition can be controlled. Most importantly, Eagle Seed
has developed soybeans aimed primarily at providing forage with the leaves, not seeds to be harvested in the fall (although there
are lots of seeds for wildlife).                                                                               

photoThe key advantage is that these beans have a longer growing cycle before they bloom. Even after these soybeans bloom, they can continue growing and producing high protein forage for deer (or cattle) for up to six weeks longer. In fact, these soybeans grow so tall (up to 84”) that deer will not only eat the leaves, but they'll bed down in fields of them. Another great advantage is that they are drought tolerant. They can keep growing through heavy browsing by cattle or deer. They continue providing excellent nutrition later in the year after other varieties have completed their life cycle. The Wildlife Managers Mix RR™ and GameKeeper RR™ are the favorites of all Eagle Forage Seeds by wildlife enthusiasts. They have excellent seed yield which is great for winter browse for wildlife. We plant Eagle RR™ Forage Soybeans at a population density of 210,000 seeds per acre. That is 3 bags of seed (140,000 seeds/bag) per 2 acres of food plot. They grow high and thick and keep growing until the first hard freeze at our farm. You and your deer both will love them!

Be sure and get your order in early to assure you get yours in time for planting

Pricing per bag
Wildlife Managers Mix RR 
(140,000 seeds)
$87.50 + shipping
GameKeeper RR $87.50 + shipping
Large Lad RR™ (140,000 seeds)  $77.50 + shipping
Big Fellow RR  (140,000 seeds)  $77.50 + shipping
Innoculant (one per bag of seed)  $5.00 + shipping

Here is where you can find an Order Form. We offer the full line of Eagle Seeds. Shipping costs tend to run between $20 to $30 per bag (including innoculant) in small quantities, $10 to $15 per bag with 10 or more, reducing to sometimes as little as $6 per bag when shipped to a business address in slightly larger quantities. We will provide a firm quote for you and your situation first, so there will be no mystery about what the actual shipping cost will be for you. For more detailed information on the soybeans go to www.eagleseed.com and check out these testimonials. Get your Monsanto Growers License by going to www.agcelerate.com and create an account with them. When that is complete you will be on a page that says User Profile Grower Dashboard. There you will have the option to sign online an agreement with Monsanto. Once you do that the dash board will show you have an agreement with Monsanto, but it takes about three days for Monsanto to post your Monsanto Growers Number on the website dashboard. They do not send you an email with your number like they used to. It is still free though.

Call (512) 756-1989 or email us with your order soon so we can reserve your seeds now! Please do us and your friends who share our passion for big whitetail bucks a favor by sharing this information.

Thanks from both Henry and Mary

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